College Funding Services

College Funding Services
Posted on 04/24/2020
Are you interested in finding out more about the financial aid process for college?

College Funding Services will be hosting an online financial aid webinar on April 30th at 7pm.  They will be discussing the following topics: 

*Everything You Need To Know About Financial Aid
*Current update on how Coronavirus will affect financial aid
*Will you qualify for financial aid?
*How to maximize aid eligibility
*What should you do if you are NOT eligible for financial
*How to value different assets – Home, 529’s, retirement,
*Which colleges give the most money
*How to leverage colleges against one another/Negotiate
*Overview and timeline of the financial aid process
***Live Q & A

I highly encourage all students and families of juniors to sign up and participate.  You must pre-register using this link: