The music for the first movement, The Speed of Sound is now in the files section below.  Please find your part(s) and print them out.  They're all listed as "Fort Lee 1", then the instrument, then the part (1 or 2).
The Warmup & Technique Exercises are now in the files section below.  Every wind player must click on the link and print out his/her specific part for that exercise.
When completed, you should have the following:
  • Long Tones 1,2 annnnd 3
  • Slur 1
  • Slur 2
  • Warm-up Slur
  • Warm-up Tongue
  • Articulation 1
  • Your part for "The Speed of Sound"

The FLHS Band Boosters would like to thank all of the Showcase performers and all of the band members, who came out to support the event. For those students, who DID NOT return their $10. minimum ticket money, there will be a collection box in the band room.  The $10 dollars is due by the end of your band (wind ens, orch, chorus, honors ch, etc.) exam.  Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

ATTENTION SENIORS: The Band Boosters are requesting - if you don't mind - the donation of your gently used marching shoes and fleece, so we have extras in case someone should have the need for those items in the future. 

All Band Members must present her/his COMPLETE, CLEAN Uniform as part of your final exam. Those students, not in a band class or seniors exempt from band, wind ensemble or IB exams, must also return to me his/her COMPLETE, CLEAN Uniform in order to receive your final grades/report cards.

Senior diplomas will be withheld unless all band equipment (uniform, instrument, folios, etc.) have been returned personally to me.

Thanks for your help!

- Mr. W


Wednesday, June 19 - First Marching Band Visual Rehearsal (FULL BAND)
Thursday, June 27 - Second Marching Band Visual Rehearsal (FULL BAND)

The Marching band information/registration package is  located in the files section below. Please download the following pages required for registration:

> Cover Letter
> Camp Schedule_Tentative
> Attendance Policy
> Camp Deposit Slip 2019 for Camp Lokanda (Not Wakanda)
> Contract
> Band Permission Slip

> Medical Consent Form

If you have not yet returned your 19/20 registration form, please do so as soon as you're able.
Return one Deposit Slip with each camp payment according to the due dates on the slips.

Marching Band Camp, 2019


August 18 - 24

We'll depart FLHS on Sunday afternoon, 8/18
and leave the camp on Saturday morning, 8/24
Please plan your vacation and travel time accordingly 

Lessons​                          Week of:   

Period  Mon
















Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
May 26, no eventsMay 27, no eventsMay 28, no eventsMay 29, no eventsMay 30, no eventsMay 31, no eventsJune 01, no events
June 02, no eventsJune 03, no eventsJune 04, no eventsJune 05, no eventsJune 06, no eventsJune 07, no eventsJune 08, no events
June 09, no eventsJune 10, no eventsJune 11, no eventsJune 12, no eventsJune 13, no eventsJune 14, no eventsJune 15, no events
June 16, no eventsJune 17, no eventsJune 18, no eventsToday, June 19, no eventsJune 20, no eventsJune 21, no eventsJune 22, no events
June 23, no eventsJune 24, no eventsJune 25, no eventsJune 26, no eventsJune 27, no eventsJune 28, no eventsJune 29, no events
June 30, no eventsJuly 01, no eventsJuly 02, no eventsJuly 03, no eventsJuly 04, no eventsJuly 05, no eventsJuly 06, no events