New Officer Candidates take note:

The essay topic for XO, DM, Asst. DM, Captains & Section Leaders will be:

Please define and/or describe in 250 words or less the term "Altruistic Leadership"

You may share your essay with me in Google Docs prior to this Friday.

Interviews and DM conducting auditions will take place this Friday (6/2) Evening at the HS. There will be a mandatory meeting of all candidates for the above officerships at the start of the the session. Start time will be determined by staff availability, most likely between 5-6 pm. Interviews may need to extend into Saturday (6/3).

Saturday (6/3) will be dedicated to marching (visual) and playing auditions for all candidates for the above officerships.  Start time will depend on adult staff availability. I will let you know all start times as soon as the staff confirms with me.

Good luck to all!

Mr. W


  • Applications (Google Form) must be completed before midnight on Wednesday, May 10
  • The essay topic will be shared with you this week. It should be brief and concise
  • Candidate interviews and playing/conducting auditions will take place on Friday evening, June 2. They may extend into Saturday, June 3 (allowing for the SATs that morning)
  • Marching technique assessments will take place on Saturday, June 3
  • Candidates vying for "concert band only" officerships and/or "managerial" positions will not need to interview/audition. Those positions will include:

 > Concertmaster
 > President
 > Vice-President
 > Uniform Manager
 > Music Manager

Good Luck to everyone!

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