Band Camp '20 is scheduled to take place, beginning on Monday, August 24 through Friday, August 28. These days fall within the originally posted week of 8/22-8/28 planned for Camp Lokanda.  This week was posted on this site back in January, so there should be few to no conflicts.  Since we'll be in Fort Lee rather than going away, we'll be doing two less days (8/22 & 23) and the number of hours per day will be considerably less than what we would have done at Camp Lokanda. We'll be sharing with both school and borough athletic teams, so I'll post our assigned hours once I get them.

Rehearsals at the Middle School Field:

Mondays - Sessions 1 & 2:   6:00-7:30 & 7:30-9:00
Tuesdays - Sessions 3 & 4:   6:00-7:30 & 7:30-9:00
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your session start
  • All drop-offs are in front of the MS (by the band room)
  • All pick-ups are on Stillwell Ave by the south fence
  • Entrance to the rehearsal field will be via the northeast gate (by the front of the Intermediate School)
  • Exit from the rehearsal field will be via the southwest gate (on Stillwell Ave, by the scoreboard.
  • Please bring the "COVID-19 Pre-Screening" form as we're required to pre-screen everyone on site. The form is in the files section of the band webpage
  • Everyone must have her/his own water jug & mask
  • Everyone must keep appropriately socially distanced prior to, during and after your rehearsal session
  • NO INSTRUMENTS! These are for marching/visual technique only

Please take all precautions seriously. This is not a game! We want you all to be safe & healthy while we  try to get the 2020 marching band off to a positive start.

Understand that since we cannot enter either of the school buildings at any time, we may have to cancel rehearsals if the threat of thunderstorms becomes an issue. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy!

Mr. W

Rehearsal session assignments:

Please see the files section below to find your session assignments for the upcoming rehearsals:

  • Session 1      Monday 6:00-7:30 pm
  • Session 2      Monday 7:30-9:00 pm
  • Session 3      Tuesday 6:00-7:30 pm
  • Session 4      Tuesday 7:30-9:00 pm


The Board of Education has approved the marching band to begin summer rehearsals as of Monday evening, July 27 at the MS field.  For now, the assigned training times are Monday & Tuesday evenings with two sessions each evening, one running from 6:00-7:30 pm & the other from 7:30-9:00 pm. At this point, band members will only be required to attend one (1) of the four sessions per week. 

The officers will work with you this coming week to set up a schedule and assign times. 

The captains will share the files also found at the bottom of this page. They may be returned at any of the first few rehearsals. The only exception is the file “2020 COVID-19 Questionnaire”, which needs to be filled out and returned to the captain immediately. I must have them in my hands before Tuesday, July 21st.


The files you'll need are as follows:

Some of you may have returned a few of the forms below. If that's the case, then just return the COVID specific forms.

  • 2020 Updated COVID Band Rehearsal Phase 1 (download, read & retain for yourself) 
  • 2020 COVID-19 Pre-Screening Questions (download and bring a copy to every rehearsal) 
  • 2020 COVID-19 Questionnaire (download, fill and return to your captain immediately (no later than 7/21)
  • 2020 Medical Consent Form 1.2 (9th graders please re-submit this form as we've added some COVID-19 questions not in the original form. May be returned at rehearsal)
  • 2020 Permission Slip (must be filled out and returned at rehearsal)
  • 2020 Attendance Policy (download and retain for yourself)
  • 2020 Parent_Student Contract (download, sign and return at rehearsal

Thank you for your attention to these details. Can't wait to see everyone!!

The music for movement 2 of the 2020 show is now in the files section below. Please download your part and begin working on it as soon as possible.

Also, the 
sound file for movement 1 of our show is on page 4 in the files section below. Just in case you'd like to play along while you practice.


If you're playing any of the following parts, please discard your original and download your part from the files section below. They're labeled 1.2:

Snare, Tenor Drum, Vibraphone 1 & 2, Marimba 1 & 2.

Lessons                          Week of: 

Period  Mon















Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
July 26, no eventsJuly 27, no eventsJuly 28, no eventsJuly 29, no eventsJuly 30, no eventsJuly 31, no eventsAugust 01, no events
August 02, no eventsAugust 03, no eventsAugust 04, no eventsAugust 05, no eventsAugust 06, no eventsAugust 07, no eventsAugust 08, no events
Today, August 09, no eventsAugust 10, no eventsAugust 11, no eventsAugust 12, no eventsAugust 13, no eventsAugust 14, no eventsAugust 15, no events
August 16, no eventsAugust 17, no eventsAugust 18, no eventsAugust 19, no eventsAugust 20, no eventsAugust 21, no eventsAugust 22, no events
August 23, no eventsAugust 24, no eventsAugust 25, no eventsAugust 26, no eventsAugust 27, no eventsAugust 28, no eventsAugust 29, no events
August 30, no eventsAugust 31, no eventsSeptember 01, no eventsSeptember 02, no eventsSeptember 03, no eventsSeptember 04, no eventsSeptember 05, no events