Movement 2 Drill is now up on page 9 of the files, below: Captains, please print out the coordinates for dot books. Everyone must print out either the B/W or Color version. Your choice!


If you need to have medications, an epi-pen, inhalers, etc. with you at camp,  please be absolutely certain that you have them before boarding the buses on Sunday.  Your health and well-being is our top priority!!

The full version drill and the full version coordinate sheets for movement 1 are in the files below on page 9

There are two versions of the drill. You may choose
color or black & white. Color works best viewed on a tablet

HERE IS THE YouTube link to the Mvt. 1 Drill Animation:

Please find the band camp packing list on page 1 in the files section below:

Please DO NOT bring any electric cooking/heating items such as microwaves (yes, it's been done!), rice cookers (yep, that too!), hot plates, etc. as they present a fire hazard.

You may bring snacks along, if you wish, but you must have either sealable plastic bags or containers in which to store them. Open food invites insects and wildlife. 

The camp "Canteen" (snack stand) will be open during the week. You may bring along some cash for this purpose.

Departure & Return times for Camp

Leaving for camp on Sunday:
  • Arrive at FLHS at 11:00 (10:00 for loading crew) am for bag check and truck loading
  • Buses arrive at FLHS at 11:45 pm - Load buses
  • Depart for Camp Lokanda at 12:45 pm

Returning from camp on Saturday, August 24:

  • Buses arrive at camp at 2:15 pm
  • Load, then depart Lokanda at 2:30 pm
  • Approximate Arrival at FLHS is 4:30 pm

Lessons‚Äč                          Week of:   

Period  Mon
















Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
July 28, no eventsJuly 29, no eventsJuly 30, no eventsJuly 31, no eventsAugust 01, no eventsAugust 02, no eventsAugust 03, no events
August 04, no eventsAugust 05, no eventsAugust 06, no eventsAugust 07, no eventsAugust 08, no eventsAugust 09, no eventsAugust 10, no events
August 11, no eventsAugust 12, no eventsAugust 13, no eventsAugust 14, no eventsAugust 15, no eventsAugust 16, no eventsAugust 17, no events
August 18, no eventsAugust 19, no eventsAugust 20, no eventsAugust 21, no eventsToday, August 22, no eventsAugust 23, no eventsAugust 24, no events
August 25, no eventsAugust 26, no eventsAugust 27, no eventsAugust 28, no eventsAugust 29, no eventsAugust 30, no eventsAugust 31, no events