Applications are now being accepted for FLHS BAND OFFICERS, 21/22:

Below, please find the link to the Google Forms 21/22 FLHS Band Officer Application. You'll find the link on page 9 in the files section below.

Your application must be registered before midnight, Friday May 14, 2021 in order to be accepted. 

If you're currently an officer and wish to remain in that position for 21/22,  you must still submit an application and indicate your intention under the question "Position Desired, First Choice". You may also apply for a different position under the same question.

Them Basses - Navigating the repeats:

> Start at the beginning and play through the 1st ending, then bounce back to A, then take the 2nd ending.

> Continue on through C , past D, and play through the 1st ending, then bounce back to C, then take the 2nd ending.

> Continue on through E (the key changes here), play through the 1st ending, then bounce back to F, then take the 2nd ending ( it says "to next strain").

> After that ending go straight to H and play through the last measure (D.S. al Fine), then bounce back to F (you'll see the "sign").

> Play F again, but go to the 3rd ending, which ends the piece!

Marching Band Camp, 2021 will be scheduled for:

August 22 - 28, 2021

Please plan your vacations, SAT classes, etc. accordingly.  If we're really lucky and if the vaccines, etc. are super effective, we may be able to head back to Lokanda. If not, we'll figure something out for staying in or around Fort Lee

Lessons                          Week of: 

Period  Mon















Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
March 28, no eventsMarch 29, no eventsMarch 30, no eventsMarch 31, no eventsApril 01, no eventsApril 02, no eventsApril 03, no events
April 04, no eventsApril 05, no eventsApril 06, no eventsApril 07, no eventsApril 08, no eventsApril 09, no eventsApril 10, no events
April 11, no eventsApril 12, no eventsApril 13, no eventsApril 14, no eventsApril 15, no eventsApril 16, no eventsApril 17, no events
Today, April 18, no eventsApril 19, no eventsApril 20, no eventsApril 21, no eventsApril 22, no eventsApril 23, no eventsApril 24, no events
April 25, no eventsApril 26, no eventsApril 27, no eventsApril 28, no eventsApril 29, no eventsApril 30, no eventsMay 01, no events